International workshop on NATO mutli-year science for pease project EAP.SFPP 987453 - "SIARS (SMART I (EYE) ADVISORY RESCUE SYSTEM)"

The development of mobile and web technologies has expanded the usage of mobile devices in  customer services. Various mobile and web applications are used today for entertainment, organizing  activities, managing resources, accessing bank accounts etc. There is also a growing interest towards the  adoption of novel technology in the field of medical monitoring and personal health care systems in  general. The innovative technologies provide new ways for easy access and use of health information by  health care providers and their patients. These technologies allow health care providers to collect, store  and transmit health information electronically. In this way, this information can be used in diagnosis,  monitoring and treatment of patients.
SIARS is about modeling, developing and integration with selected existing Information Systems of a  new state-of-the-art Telemedical Information Systems that will allow saving more injured patients and  lessen the death-rate on the battle fields. The system will be consisted of mobile device that will help  the life-savers on the battlefield, gather and organize the medical data of the injured patient, use the  satellite connection to transfer the data to the designated medical facility that will take medical care of  the injured person. The event is organized in the framework of NATO MULTI-YEAR SCIENCE FOR PEACE PROJECT EAP.SFPP  984753 - "SIARS (SMART I (EYE) ADVISORY RESCUE SYSTEM)"
The focus of this WS is on moving toward in implementing emergent information communication technologies in the field of military and medical practice.   This may include, but they are not limited to the following topics:
  • System definition;
  • Technology definition;
  • Content and software acquisition;
  • Adaption to the NATO standards;
  • Man-machine interface;
  • Identification and acquisition of on the market available equipment;
  • Algorithms for sorting injured patients in Military enviroment.
Prof. Dr. Ana Madevska Bogdanova, Dr. Jugoslav Achkoski, Prof. Dr. Janez, Prof. Dr. Jurij Tasič, Prof. Dr. Radko Komadina