9th Conference

ICT Innovations conference 2017

More information about 9th ICT Innovations conference are available here.

ICT chairs

Prof. d-r Dimitar Trajanov

ICT Innovations Chairs

Prof. d-r Verica Bakeva

ICT Innovations Chairs

Keynote speakers

Associate Professor Irena Vodenska, Ph.D

Department of Administrative Sciences; MET, Boston University, US

Innovative Modeling of Cascading Failures in Global Financial Networks

Professor Matjaz Gams, Ph.D

Jozef Stefan Institute, Department of Intelligent Systems, Slovenia

Superintelligence and future of human civilization

Professor Gábor Vattay, Ph.D

Eotvos University, Hungary

Video Pandemics: Worldwide Viral Spreading of Psy’s Gangnam Style Video

Associate Professor Lubomir Chitkushev, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Associate Director, Center for Reliable Systems and Cyber Security, Boston University, USA

Internet of Things (IoT): Protocol Commonality based on RINA Principles

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, Ph.D

Chair of Human-Centered Multimedia, Faculty of Applied Informatics, Augsburg University

Empowering Multimodal Behavior Analysis by Interactive Machine Learning