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14th Conference

We invite scholars with different ideas and solutions that apply tools and techniques of information, communication and computer science and technologies to reshape the future towards a new normal.

Location: Skopje

Year: 2022

Topic: Reshaping the future towards a new normal

Prof. Katerina Zdravkova
Prof. Lasko Basnarkov

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13th Conference

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.

Location: ONLINE

Year: 2021

Topic: Digital Transformation

Prof. Ljupcho Antovski
Prof. Goce Armenski

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12th Conference

The need for machine learning is ever growing due to the increased pervasiveness of data analysis tasks in almost every area of life, including business, science and technology. Not only is the pervasiveness of data analysis tasks increasing, but so is their complexity.

Location: Skopje

Year: 2020

Topic: Machine Learning and Applications

Prof. d-r Vesna Dimitrova
Prof. d-r Ivica Dimitrovski

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11th Conference

Big Data is heralded as one of the most exciting challenges in data science and next frontier for innovations. The spread of smart, ubiquitous computing and social networking have brought to light more information to consider.

Location: Ohrid

Year: 2019

Topic: Big Data Processing and Mining

Prof. d-r Sonja Gievska
Prof. d-r Gjorgji Madjarov

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10th conference

Technological innovations have become an essential drive for modern life sciences development. With the advent of high-throughput techniques, life scientists are starting to grapple with massive data sets, encountering challenges with handling, processing and moving information that were once the domain of computer scientists and engineers.

Location: Ohrid

Year: 2018

Topic: Engineering and Life Sciences

Prof. d-r Slobodan Kalajdziski
Prof. d-r Nevena Ackovska

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9th conference

Data-driven innovation forms a key pillar in the 21st century sources of growth. The confluence of several trends, including the increasing migration of socio-economic activities to the Internet and the decline in the cost of data collection, storage and processing, are leading to the generation and use of huge volumes of data.

Location: Skopje

Year: 2017

Topic: Data-driven Innovation

Prof. d-r Dimitar Trajanov
Prof. d-r Verica Bakeva

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