11th Conference

ICT Innovations conference 2019

Following the success of previous ICT Innovations conferences, we are proud to announce the 11th ICT Innovations conference, which will be held in Ohrid (Republic of North Macedonia) from October 17th to October 19th, 2019.

The ICT Innovations conference series has established itself as an international forum for presenting scientific results related to innovative fundamental and applied research in ICT. The conference aims to bring together academics as well as industrial practitioners, to share their most recent research, practical solutions and experiences and to discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges in the field of Big Data. A number of plenary talks, special sessions and workshops will supplement the main Conference agenda.

The focal point for this year’s conference is Big Data Processing and Mining.

Big Data is heralded as one of the most exciting challenges in data science and next frontier for innovations. The spread of smart, ubiquitous computing and social networking have brought to light more information to consider. Vast amounts of heterogeneous, multi-modal, noisy and dynamic data are generated from diverse type of applications, such as social media, sensors, Internet of Things, scientific applications, surveillance, video and image streams. Storage, integration, processing and analysis of massive quantities of data pose significant challenges that are yet to be fully addressed.

A significant research and development front in the field of machine learning and data analytics has been established. Extracting patterns from big data that offer insights and understanding provides an exciting new platform and objectives for behavioral analytics, predictive and prescriptive modeling and knowledge discovery. By leveraging the advances in deep learning, stream analytics, large-scale graph analysis and distributed data mining, a remarkable number of complex and multi-faceted tasks in fields like, biology, games, robotics, commerce, transportation and health care have been brought within reach.

We want to bring some of these topics to the forefront of the ICT 2019 conference. While we anticipate a broad technical program, we are especially interested in papers that address all aspects of big data mining, including algorithms, models, systems, and applications.

Conference topics of interest include but are not limited to:

ICT chairs

Prof. Sonja Gievska, PhD

ICT Innovations Chairs

Prof. Gjorgji Madjarov, PhD

ICT Innovations Chairs

Keynote speakers

Diego Klabjan

Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences; Director, Master of Science in Analytics; Director, Center for Deep Learning; Northwestern University

Machine Learning Optimization and Modeling: Challenges and Solutions to Data Deluge

Zlatko Trajanoski

Professor, Division of Bioinformatics, Medical University of Innsbruck

Computing and probing cancer immunity

Ming Chen

Professor at Department of Bioinformatics, College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University

Bioinformatics approaches for sing cell transcriptomics and big omics data analysis

Robert West

Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Data Science Laboratory, EPFL

Crosslingual Document Embedding as Reduced-Rank Ridge Regression